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.TH edward-shen 7 "2019-04-10" "4.3.2" "Edward Shen Manual"
edward-shen \- some random software developer
Honors candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at
Northeastern University with a 3.81 GPA, expecting to gradudate in 2021.
Classes taken include but not limited to:
Data Collection, Integration, and Analysis; Machine Learning/Data
Mining 1; Algorithms and Data; Object-Oriented Design; Discrete
Structures; Networks and Distributed Systems; Logic and Computation
Edward Shen is compatible with many languages. However, some are
more compatible than others:
Proficient: JavaScript (Node.js), Java, HTML5, CSS
Familiar: Rust, Python, Typescript, Latex
Explored: C/C++, Ruby, Racket
Edward Shen is also compatbile with some frameworks:
ReactJS, GraphQL, Sass
Finally, there's some integration with some miscellaneous tools:
Git, Jekyll, (Arch) Linux, Zsh, VS Code, Raspberry Pi
Software Engineer Intern @ Datto - 2019-08-19 to 2019-12-20
Worked on the Backupify team.
Production Engineer Intern @ Facebook - 2019-05-13 to 2019-08-02
Team TBD.
Dotfile \- A Rust CLI to manage config my Arch linux config files. Has
advanced capabilities to assign post-install installations.
MagicMirror\*{2\*} Modules \- Multiple modules developed for a smart
mirror platform. Includes a modules to show MBTA station data and a
module page multiplexer. Gets around 50 downloads every week.
Harmony \- Husky Hacks Hackathon winner. Peer-to-peer encrypted group
messaging system based on the (n+1)sec protocol, offering deniable
distributed communications and forward secrecy.
Edward Shen has a few bugs. However, these bugs are minor, and will not
affect daily usage of Edward Shen. The following list is a set of
notable bugs:
#402: Edward Shen contains 20% bloat as consequence of design choices.
We are currently looking into a solution.
#421: Edward Shen requires a lot of resources to run. Notably, we see
that Edward Shen requires an exponential amount of caffeine as
more work is demanded simutaneously.
Edward Shen <> - Primary Author
Edward Shen is only possible thanks to two upstream projects, which are
closed sourced and have requested to remain anonymous. A sister project
has also greatly contributed to Edward Shen.
We would also like to thank all contributors and friends who had helped
develop Edward Shen.
This man page is under GPLv3 or later. To use Edward Shen for any
purpose, please contact Edward Shen <> to request a