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<title>Edward Shen Manual</title>
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<p>Edward Shen Manual</p>
<p>edward-shen - some random software developer</p>
<p>Honors candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Northeastern University with a 3.81 GPA, expecting to gradudate in 2021.</p>
<p>Classes taken include but not limited to: Data Collection, Integration, and Analysis; Machine Learning/Data Mining 1; Algorithms and Data; Object-Oriented Design; Discrete Structures; Networks and Distributed Systems; Logic and Computation</p>
<p>Edward Shen is compatible with many languages. However, some are more compatible than others:</p>
<p>Proficient: JavaScript (Node.js), Java, HTML5, CSS<br />
Familiar: Rust, Python, Typescript, Latex<br />
Explored: C/C++, Ruby, Racket</p>
<p>Edward Shen is also compatbile with some frameworks:</p>
<p>ReactJS, GraphQL, Sass</p>
<p>Finally, there's some integration with some miscellaneous tools:</p>
<p>Git, Jekyll, (Arch) Linux, Zsh, VS Code, Raspberry Pi</p>
<p>Software Engineer Intern @ Datto - 2019-08-19 to 2019-12-20<br />
Worked on the Backupify team.</p>
<p>Production Engineer Intern @ Facebook - 2019-05-13 to 2019-08-02<br />
Team TBD.</p>
<h1>SEE ALSO</h1>
<p>Dotfile - A Rust CLI to manage config my Arch linux config files. Has advanced capabilities to assign post-install installations.</p>
<p>MagicMirror2 Modules - Multiple modules developed for a smart mirror platform. Includes a modules to show MBTA station data and a module page multiplexer. Gets around 50 downloads every week.</p>
<p>Harmony - Husky Hacks Hackathon winner. Peer-to-peer encrypted group messaging system based on the (n+1)sec protocol, offering deniable distributed communications and forward secrecy.</p>
<p>Edward Shen has a few bugs. However, these bugs are minor, and will not affect daily usage of Edward Shen. The following list is a set of notable bugs:</p>
<p>#402: Edward Shen contains 20% bloat as consequence of design choices. We are currently looking into a solution.</p>
<p>#421: Edward Shen requires a lot of resources to run. Notably, we see that Edward Shen requires an exponential amount of caffeine as more work is demanded simutaneously.</p>
<p>Edward Shen &lt;; - Primary Author</p>
<p>Edward Shen is only possible thanks to two upstream projects, which are closed sourced and have requested to remain anonymous. A sister project has also greatly contributed to Edward Shen.</p>
<p>We would also like to thank all contributors and friends who had helped develop Edward Shen.</p>
<p>This man page is under GPLv3 or later. To use Edward Shen for any purpose, please contact Edward Shen &lt;; to request a license.</p>
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